1. MRN Group was earlier known for industrial achievements and role model for others, now the group has taken steps to enter into the healthcare systems such as Ayurveda , Nursing and Pharmacy to set another way to improve the health of those we serve with commitment  to excellence in all that we do.
2. Our goal is to offer quality care and services that set community standards in the healthcare education system.
3. Exceed patients’ expectations and are provided in a caring manner, convenient, cost-effective and accessible manner in healthcare education system.
4. To serve rural areas and to avail all the superspeciality service for lower socioeconomic people.
5. To educate rural students for their dream courses like ayurveda , nursing and pharmacy within the district.


1. To become the most trusted in the healthcare education system nationwide .
2. To give best of the ayurvedic physician, nursing staff and pharmaceutical persons to society for health care world wide.
3. To accomplish health for all and health to health to all
4. To educate from best and making out going also best is our motto.
5. To bring back harmony in ancient and modern medical sciences.