Our Inspiration

‘The foundation of a country is the education of its youth’

-Mr. Murugesh Nirani, Patron

Nirani sir, has a fairly good idea that the young generation can do wonders and as the future of the state and the country depends on them, he keenly promotes this school which is very close to his heart.

In the past two years, the school has excelled in delivering quality education and preparing the children of North Karnataka to face the general challenges of growing up.

The school has succeeded and continue to do so in providing a healthy, satisfying, balanced and high-quality life through its focus towards holistic growth. Nirani sir along with his group of devoted citizens continue to work with the common purpose of doing greater good for the future generations.

After tasting success in educating young minds Nirani sir’s vision of ‘self-made entrepreneur’ has started taking shape. Now, North Karnataka is no more an unknown, far reaching destination. It has become a booming educational hub.

I feel immensely proud to announce the start of our hostel. I assure one and all, that your children will have a great learning experience. I welcome you all to come over and see for yourself what is in store for the children.